FSTD Services

We offer a range of services for our customers and you are very welcome to ask us for support. If you are not sure whether we can be of any assistance to your business, just inquire and find out! We prevent your ATO from running into any FSTD related Problems.

  • Advice on all benefits to your flight training
  • Advice on FSTD technical aspects, pricing, equipment and service offers
  • What regulatory affairs are to be considered in advance, especially EASA & FAA
  • FSTD Project Management (Contact to FSTD manufacturers and your local NAA, Preparing your ATO for reception and qualification of the device according to NAAs regulations)
  • Financing options, simulator leasing
  • Support on FTD Sales
  • FSTD Integrated Manegement System setup acc.g to CS-FSTD (A) & PART-ORA
  • FSTD Compliance Monitoring System setup
  • FSTD Development (Design, Preparation, Processes, Risks)
  • FSTD Qualification