Engine Failure…

ByAlexander Schaffler

Engine Failure…

Simulated Engine FailureHamilton/ New Zealand – At the Hamilton Int´l Airport on the North Island we simulated an engine failure with a Diamond Aircraft DA42 in a controlled environment. Hereby it was possible to not only study the effect on the aircraft itself, but also to find out about the effects on the flight controls. Problems of flight simulator manufacturers, especially those of lower qualification levels, is to try to replicate the aircrafts handling characteristics very accurately via adding a force feed-back system with the actual flight dynamics and forces as to be found in the real aircraft. Mostly, at lower qualification levels, manufacturers are not always able to replicate these forces to the customers satisfaction, because of lack of expertise or budegtary reasons, i.e. having a state-of-the-art Force Feed-back System/ Control Loading System bereit zu stellen.

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Alexander Schaffler

Alexander Schaffler has started his career with Diamond Aircraft Industries Business Unit Simulation and has since then gathered a very strong background in professional Flight Simulation (FSTDs). Opening his own business in 2010, he is a well networked expert offering services focused on Flight Simulation, Approved Training Organisations and Air Operator Certificate Holders.