Flight Simulator Trader starts operation…

ByAlexander Schaffler

Flight Simulator Trader starts operation…

The international platform for new & used devices trades professional flight simulation training devices (FSTDs), other training devices (OTDs), simulation equipment and offers a variety of services related to flight simulation.

Flight Simulator Trader – http://www.flight-simulator-trader.com/ is an independent platform sponsored by FTD Consulting with the intention of trading flight simulators of all kinds. In particular, the platform trades professional flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) approved for pilot training, but it is also considered to be a platform for those to invest in entertainment flight business as it is rapidly increasing.

Furthermore, Flight Simulator Trader offers simulation equipment and cockpits for simulator use as well as a variety of services, especially linked to professional flight simulation under the EASA & FAA regulatory frame work:

  • Consulting
  • Qualification Support
  • Preparation of EASA Documentation
  • Upgrades & Relocation
  • Financing Solutions
  • Factory Acceptance & Evaluations
  • Simulator Design

Customers´ advantages are:

  • To use the platform to get listed (for free) and be able to increase the chance to sell or find new & used flight simulation devices.
  • Improved market transparency for customers to see what´s out there on the market.
  • Having the chance to buy new devices by getting rid of used devices quickly.
  • Finding services and consulting related to flight simulation, which are offered to make the customers´ life easier (e.g. factory acceptance, relocation or qualification support).
  • Benefit from deep & interlinking knowledge in the simulation industry.
  • Save time & resources.

Listing with Flight Simulator Trader is free, but a sales commission applies on success.

Visit Flight Simulator Trader to see the latest offers and for service packages we can offer!

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About the author

Alexander Schaffler

Alexander Schaffler has started his career with Diamond Aircraft Industries Business Unit Simulation and has since then gathered a very strong background in professional Flight Simulation (FSTDs). Opening his own business in 2010, he is a well networked expert offering services focused on Flight Simulation, Approved Training Organisations and Air Operator Certificate Holders.