FTDC signs contract for ATO approval with LVB – Luftsport-Verband Bayern…

ByAlexander Schaffler

FTDC signs contract for ATO approval with LVB – Luftsport-Verband Bayern…

FTD Consulting has signed a contract for an ATO-Approval with the LVB – Luftsport-Verband Bayern e.V. a non-profit organisation & registered facility (RF) , which is the head of about 130 associated aviation clubs providing flight training in the private pilot sector. The organisation is intended to become a Non-Complex Approved Training Organisation (ATO) under the supervision of the Luftamt Südbayern, the aviation authority for South Bavaria & Munich, Germany. FTDC is to provide a specialised set of ATO documents for all members/ branches of the ATO, ergo every member of the organisation will conduct training as predetermined by the LVB and FTD Consulting and will use the respective Operations Manuals (OMA-D) including the required Management System Documentation (with Safety & Compliance Monitoring).

Intended main areas for providing documentation, among other associated license types, are Balloon Pilot License (BPL), Sailplane Pilot License (SPL), Leisure Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL), Private Pilot License (PPL), Touring Motor Glider/ motorised sail planes (TMG) and licenses for single-engine piston aircraft (SEP) aircraft as well as their instructor ratings.

After completion of the project, a standard set of documentation can be purchase with the LVB in cooperation with FTD Consulting, providing an EASA-approved set of documents for registered facilities and future Non-Complex ATOs.

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