About FTD Consulting

FTDC is a consulting and services company based in Munich, Germany. With our expertise we close gaps for those who operate aviation businesses, in particular AOC Holders, Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) and Flight Simulator Operators (FSTD).

With our team of consultants in a great international network, we can provide you with solutions in every field of aviation.


Introducing Mr Alexander  Schaffler (Managing Director)

Mr Alexander Schaffler

After several years in the Geo Information and Remote Sensing industry, Mr Alexander Schaffler started his aviation career in 2007 with Diamond Aircraft Industries (Business Unit Simulation), where he was initially taking over the FSTD production line as Project Manager for the manufacturing, delivery, installation and qualification process of FSTDs.

He left the company as Director Marketing and Sales and launched his own consulting company for professional flight simulation in 2010 (FTD Consulting) which cofounded the platform Flight Simulator Trader in 2013 which is trading new and used FSTDs independently offering sophisticated services along with the products (Relocation, Qualification, etc.).

Mr Schaffler is heavily engaged in EASA regulatory approvals, compliance monitoring, auditing and training of aviation organisations (AOC, ATO, FSTD, CAMO, etc.) within the EU and Third-Country Operators (TCO).

Internationally, about 140 non-complex & complex organisation use our materials & services. Since 2007, we have been seeling about 60 Flight Simulation Training Devices and have been engaged in a variety of service support contracts for a number of clients.

Mr Schaffler is also an active founding member of “The European Aviation Consultants” formerly known as “EASA Consultants”.