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We help you to understand EASA regulatory affairs, provide training on them and close gaps within your operation!

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We are specialisted in Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) and provide a range of services in this field.

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We can deliver services around your flight school operation from setting up a training organisation to providing learning management tools.

Air Operator Certificate Holders (AOCs)

Our services range from setting up AOCs to supporting the operation with different services through our network.

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Need support for compliance monitoring? We help setting up Compliance Systems and operating them.

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ByAlexander Schaffler Apr 9, 2018

AOC A to A Support for Deutscher Alpenflug LU Michael Bergmann…

FTD Consulting has supported the AOC Holder, the Deutscher Alpenflug, Luftfahrtunternehmen Michael Bergmann with updating their AOC documentation

ByAlexander Schaffler Apr 3, 2018

AOC Approval Support for Tannheimer Flieger- & Freizeitzentrum…

FTD Consulting has supported a national AOC Holder, the Tannheimer Flieger- & Freizeitzentrum with updating their AOC documentation to EASA 9

ByAlexander Schaffler Jan 8, 2018

FTD Consulting – Your Aviation Partner!

FTD Consulting - Your Aviation Partner! FTD Consulting (FTDC) is based in Munich, Germany. With our expertise we close gaps for those who operat

ByAlexander Schaffler Jan 6, 2018

Air Munich Aviation AG to receive AOC and ATO approval…

Air Munich Aviation AG formerly known as Flugschule Jesenwang has hired FTD Consulting to support the process of having their organisation approv

ByAlexander Schaffler Jan 6, 2018

Integrated ATPL Programme for airBaltic Pilot Training Academy…

FTD Consulting has been chosen together with its partner "The EASA Consultants" to implement an Integrated ATPL Programme with the new airBaltic

ByAlexander Schaffler Aug 7, 2017

EASA Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for A to A and A to B according PART-ORO…

FTD Consulting offers documentation for EASA Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders according PART-ORO of regulation 965/2012 which comprise A to

ByAlexander Schaffler Nov 25, 2016

Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi supported by FTDC for EASA FSTD Operator Approval…

Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi (OMU), located in black sea coast in Samsun, Turkey, is being supported by FTD Consulting in their Third-Country (T

ByAlexander Schaffler Sep 12, 2016

Post Holder FSTD Compliance Management at Adria Airways Flight Career Center…

As an external company we can take postholder positions (Accountable, Compliance ATO/ AOC, FSTD) and can advise how to train and select suitable

ByAlexander Schaffler Apr 18, 2016

CAME for RWL German Flight Academy…

The German based ATO RWL German Flight Academy has hired FTD Consulting to update/ replace their existing CAME document with a new EASA compliant

ByAlexander Schaffler Feb 11, 2016

Scandinavian Skies hires FTDC for AOC approval Support…

Norwegian based Operator Scandinavian Skies has hired FTD Consulting for AOC Approval Support. FTDC is currently preparing all AOC manuals (OMM,

ByAlexander Schaffler Nov 25, 2015

Flugschule Eirenschmalz selects FTDC for ATO approval support…

Flugschule Eirenschmalz in Bavaria has hired FTD Consulting for support of their intended ATO approval. The school is already apporved by the Ba

ByAlexander Schaffler Apr 13, 2015

EgyptAIR completes FSTD Evaluators Course with EASA Consultants and FTD Consulting…

EgyptAIR completes FSTD Evaluators Course with EASA Consultants and FTD Consulting in cooperation with Simhelp Three engineers were sent to Lith

ByAlexander Schaffler Apr 13, 2015

Meet us at AERO Expo Friedrichshafen…

Meet FTD Consulting at AERO Expo in Friedrichshafen from Wednesday together with EASA Regulation Consultants and Flight Simulator Trader. Don´t

ByAlexander Schaffler Mar 31, 2015

Skyprofi Flight School orders Safety & Compliance Management Manual…

Skyprofi Flight School, an ATO based in Augsburg, Germany hired FTDC to provide an Organisations Management Manual including the Safety and Com

ByAlexander Schaffler Mar 31, 2015

KONAIR to be supported in RF to ATO Transition…

German based KONAIR Flight School has hired FTDC which will provide the full set of ATO documentation according to EU-Regulation 1178/2011 and 29

ByAlexander Schaffler Mar 31, 2015

Ground Operations Manual for Wiking Helicopter…

 Wiking Helikopter GmbH is an offshore AOC holder and an ATO providing services for offshore wind parks. In order to meet compliance demands o