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ByAlexander Schaffler

Svensk Pilotutbildning receives FNPTII MCC Qualification assisted by FTD Consulting…

FTD Consulting supported Svensk Pilotutbilding (SPU) during the acquisition, delivery testing and qualification of an Airbus A320 FNPTII MCC, a project conducted at customers´ risk and composed of hardware and software parts from different manufacturers (FDS, Prosim, P3D).

FTDC provided compliance support according to CS FSTD(A) Issue 2 and compiled all necessary FSTD manuals such as MasterQualification Test Guide (MQTG) and FSTD Procedures Manual.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Air Munich Aviation hires FTD Consulting for AST – Anerkannte Stelle § 21d LuftVO assistance…

Jesenwang based Air Munich Aviation AG also known as Flugschule Jesenwang has selected FTD Consulting to assist the school in getting approved as AST – Anerkannte Stelle § 21d LuftVO to train and examine drone operators to enable them to operate drones safely.

FTD Consulting has initiated application process as well as compilation of all necessary documentation such as organisation manuals (Safety and Compliance) as well as Question Banks.

ByAlexander Schaffler

FMG Flight Training hires FTD Consulting for ATO Documentation Support…

Paderborn, Germany located FMG Flight Training, a flight school with a long tradition has hired FTD Consulting to update current ATO Manuals as per EU regulation 2018/1139 and its implementing rules. FTDC has reworked Operations Manuals, Compliance and Safety Manuals as well as the FSTD Manuals for latest regulatory compliance.

ByAlexander Schaffler

FTD Consulting – Your Aviation Partner!

FTD Consulting – Your Aviation Partner!

FTD Consulting (FTDC) is based in Munich, Germany. With our expertise we close gaps for those who operate aviation businesses, in particular AOC Holders, Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) and Flight Simulator Operators (FSTD).

Internationally, about 140 non-complex & complex organisation use our materials & services. Since 2007, we have been seeling about 60 Flight Simulation Training Devices and have been engaged in a variety of service support contracts for a number of clients.

With our team of over 50 consultants in a great international network, we can provide you with solutions for every aspect of aviation.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Air Munich Aviation AG to receive AOC and ATO approval…

Air Munich Aviation AG formerly known as Flugschule Jesenwang has hired FTD Consulting to support the process of having their organisation approved as Air Operator Certificate (AOC) Holder to conduct A to A VFR by day operations as per EU-Regulation 965/2012 Part-ORO.GEN and ORO.AOC.

Furthermore, FTDC has supported Air Munich Aviation AG with support for ATO approval to conduct modular ab initio to ATPL courses within their organisation approval and two locations near Munich-Jesenwang and Augsburg.

FTDC has not only provided consulting services on regulatory issues, but also completed all approval documentation such as Operations Manuals and the Training Manuals for the ATO.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Integrated ATPL Programme for airBaltic Pilot Training Academy…

FTD Consulting has been chosen together with its partner “The EASA Consultants” to implement an Integrated ATPL Programme with the new airBaltic Pilot Training Academy. We have been asked to structure courses and provide all relevant documentation to have the courses approved by the competent authority CAA Latvia. FTDC and EASAC have provided Operations Manuals A to D as well as the Training Manuals relevant to the courses of the Pilot Training Academy.

The Integrated ATPL course features Phase 1 to 5 where the students are supposed to be ready to take their CPL/ IR Skill Test within shortest time frames.