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ByAlexander Schaffler

Flugschule Eirenschmalz selects FTDC for ATO approval support…

Logo_FS EirenschmalzFlugschule Eirenschmalz in Bavaria has hired FTD Consulting for support of their intended ATO approval. The school is already apporved by the Bavarian CAA but will be upgraded to LBA ATO approval for CB IR and EIR training. FTDC will provide necassary documentation according to EU-Regulation 1178/2011 and 290/2012.

ByAlexander Schaffler

EgyptAIR completes FSTD Evaluators Course with EASA Consultants and FTD Consulting…

EgyptAIR completes FSTD Evaluators Course with EASA Consultants and FTD Consulting in cooperation with Simhelp

easaC FTDCThree engineers were sent to Lithuania to have them trained on relevant parts of the EASA regulation, i.e. PART-FCL according regulation 1178/2011 and amendments, PART-ORA.FSTD according regulation 290/2012 and amendments, their related Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material as well as the certification specification CS-FSTD(A). The main purpose of this training course was to prepare EgyptAIR staff for audits on their Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) to be carried out according to EASA-Standards.

egypt-air Simhelp1

“I always love visiting the Baltics, and this was no exception. Having an opportunity to share my knowledge with flight simulator engineers was very enjoyable. I’m very happy to have partnered with SimHelp”, says Jeremy Baldwin the instructor from EASA Consultants who taught the engineers from EgyptAIR.

“We are very happy to have had the course carried out for EgyptAIR in cooperation with EASA Consultants and SimHelp. We as official partner of EASA Consultants believe that training on EASA regulations is necessary and will improve relationship and cooperation between Civil Aviation Authorities and FSTD operators in the future.” Says Alexander Schaffler, Managing Director of FTD Consulting.

This is another step towards to a bright future for SimHelp. “We are delighted to have EgyptAIR’s engineers here, using our services. They are a major company and working with them is a joy. We believe this will be the beginning of a great business relationship for all of the parties involved.”, says Julius Šeškauskas SimHelp Product Manager.

FTD Consulting (FTDC) is an independent consulting company for professional flight simulation and organisation approvals under EASA regulations. FTDC is based in Munich, Germany and has conducted several organisation approvals for known aviation organisations world-wide.

EASA-Consultants is a company developed to assist with the transition to new European aviation regulations and maintaining compliance with those requirements.

EASA-Consultants draws its workforce of highly experienced consultants with years of active involvement as Aviation Authority inspectors, secondments to the European Aviation Safety Agency, active and former line pilots, Compliance Monitoring experts and other highly experienced aviation professionals.

SimHelp – Full service for training centers including the simulator supply with relocations, spare parts, consumables and aviation engineering expertise.

SimHelp organization embraces Business to Business solutions by arranging integrated technical maintenance, simulator upgrades, spare parts supply and other solutions. SimHelp provides services through its headquarters in Lithuania and globally distributed network of partners, with the representative offices located worldwide: United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Germany and others.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Meet us at AERO Expo Friedrichshafen…

FTDCLogoMeet FTD Consulting at AERO Expo in Friedrichshafen from Wednesday together with EASA Regulation Consultants and Flight Simulator Trader. Don´t hesitate to schedule an appointment via

ByAlexander Schaffler

Skyprofi Flight School orders Safety & Compliance Management Manual…


Skyprofi Flight School, an ATO based in Augsburg, Germany hired FTDC to provide an Organisations Management Manual including the Safety and Compliance Monitoring System which is also accompanied by the Emergency Response Planning. This manual is being used in getting the ATO approval by the local CAA and the German LBA.


ByAlexander Schaffler

KONAIR to be supported in RF to ATO Transition…

KONAIR_LogoGerman based KONAIR Flight School has hired FTDC which will provide the full set of ATO documentation according to EU-Regulation 1178/2011 and 290/2012. Furthermore, among the standard training manuals for their motorised aircraft operation (i.e. LAPL(A), PPL(A), NVFR(A) & Acrobatic Rating.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Ground Operations Manual for Wiking Helicopter…


 Wiking Helikopter GmbH is an offshore AOC holder and an ATO providing services for offshore wind parks. In order to meet compliance demands of the German LBA and to further improve their daily operation Wiking hired FTDC to provide Ground Operations Manual for general activities and specific helicopter models, such as the Sikorsky S76 and the Augusta Westland AW139. The manual comprises the sections Passenger, Baggage and Cargo Handling Procedures as well as Load Control, Dangerous Goods and Security especially during off-shore sea operation.

ByAlexander Schaffler

FTD Consulting bekommt Fliegerclub Nürnberg als ATO Kunden…

logo-transparentFTD Consulting unterzeichnet einen Vertrag mit dem Fliegerclub Nuernberg e.V. betreffend Unterstützung bei der Umwandlung einer RF in eine ATO unter EASA-Regularien. Der Verein wird die ATO Dokumentation nutzen um Ausbildung im Bereich LAPL, PPL und Aerobatik durchzuführen wie sie nach EU Verordnung  1178/2011 und 290/2012 vorgeschrieben sind.

ByAlexander Schaffler

FTDC signs contract with Fliegerclub Nuernberg e.V.

logo-transparentFTD Consulting signs contract for ATO approval documentation with Fliegerclub Nuernberg e.V. The aeroclub will use the tailored ATO documents in order to conduct LAPL, PPL and Aerobatics courses according to EASA-Regulation 1178/2011 and 290/2012.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Will your airline be allowed to enter or leave Europe from November 26th 2014 onwards?



EASA – Authorisation of Third Country Operators (TCO)

„Third Country Operators engaging in Commercial Air Transport (CAT) to the EU will have to submit their TCO application within the first 6 months after Part-TCO has become applicable.“

The 6 month period started 26 May 2014 and ends with the deadline on 26 November 2014!

Important to know:

„Operators who fail to apply for a TCO authorisation within 6 months – until 26 November 2014 – after entry into force of Part-TCO may face delays in their authorisation process which could lead to a disruption of their operation to the EU until completion of their assessment and issuance of the TCO authorisation. It is therefore in the best interest of operators to apply for a TCO authorisation within the application period (6 months after Part-TCO entry into force).“

Who needs a TCO authorisation?

Any third-country operator who intends to perform commercial air transport (CAT) operations into, within or out of any of the following territories:

  • the 32 EASA Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
  • the territories in which the Basic Regulation applies (Gibraltar, Åland Islands, Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Saint-Martin, Mayotte)

A TCO authorisation will not be required for operators only overflying the above mentioned territories without intended landing.

Our offer:

As TCO you need to comply with ICAO requirements which are compared against
EASA standards. You as TCO need to close the gaps between ICAO requirements and
EASA regulations.

FTD Consulting is a member of the EASA Consultants – a network of consultants covering every aspect of aviation. Within this alliance network we can support your TCO approval with:

  • Application Support (Liaison with EASA on customers behalf)
  • Gap Analysis (Identification of non-compliance with ICAO and/or
    EASA standards, the ICAO Annexes, EU SERA)
  • Support for ongoing compliance monitoring
  • Audit preparation and compliance audits
  • Technical writing for document preparation
  • Training on ICAO and EASA standards

Call for action!

We can help you to apply with EASA before 26 November 2014

FTD Consulting will support you in the transition Application, Evaluation, Preparation & Monitoring

For detailed information and support visit: http://www.ˆ and sign up.

ByAlexander Schaffler

German Private Jet Group AG beauftragt FTD Consulting…

GPJG LogoDie German Private Jet Group AG hat die FTD Consulting beauftragt Hilfestellung bei der geplanten ATO Anmeldung zu geben. FTDC wird die benötigte Dokumentation nach EU-Verordnung 1178/2011 und 290/2012 bereitsstellen. Des Weiteren, werden Beratungsdienstleistungen angeboten, die den Kunden durch die Anmeldung führen sollen, sowie die ATO in das bestehende AOC einpflechten sollen.  Die GPJG operiert eine Flotte Citation CJ2 525A Jets und bietet Business und Private Jet Operations an.

ByAlexander Schaffler

German Private Jet Group AG hires FTDC…

GPJG LogoGerman Private Jet Group AG has hired FTD Consulting for support of their intended ATO application. FTDC will provide necassary documentation according to EU-Regulation 1178/2011 and 290/2012. Furthermore, FTD Consulting will prvide application service and consulting services through the application process and coordinating the ATO approval with the approved AOC.  GPJG is currently operating a fleet of Citation CJ2 525A and is providing business and private jet operations.

ByAlexander Schaffler

FTDC erhält RF-ATO Auftrag von Flylinz…

Flylinz_LogoFlylinz hat unsere Firma FTD Consulting beauftragt ihre Umwandlung von einer Registered Facility zu einer ATO zu unterstützen. FTDC wird hierbei das Gesamtpaket an ATO Dokumenten nach EU-Verordnung 1178/2011 und 290/2012 zur Verfügung stellen. Des Weiteren werden neben den Standard-Ausbildungshandbüchern für Motorflug (z.B. LAPL(A), PPL(A), NVFR(A), auch die Ausbildungshandbücher für En-Route IR (EIR) & das Competency-based IR (CB IR) gemäß Verordnung 245/2014 angefertigt. FTDC wird die Flugschule Flylinz im Anmeldungsprozess unterstützen. Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt zögern viele Registered Facilities wenn es um die Konversion in eine ATO geht. Noch wäre ja Zeit dies zu tun und wir hoffen inständig, dass die meisten RFs diese Entscheidung baldmöglichst treffen um sich entspannt auf den Konversionprozess einstellen zu können.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Flylinz hires FTD Consulting for RF-ATO conversion support…

Flylinz_LogoFlylinz has signed a contract with FTD Consulting to support their current RF to ATO conversion. FTDC will provide the full set of ATO documentation according to EU-Regulation 1178/2011 and 290/2012. Furthermore, among the standard training manuals for their motorised aircraft operation (i.e. LAPL(A), PPL(A), NVFR(A), FTDC will provide En-Route IR (EIR) & Competency-based IR (CB IR) Manuals according to Regulation No. 245/2014. FTDC will prepare the manuals and suport Flylinz in the ongoing approval process. As it stands now, most of the Registered Facilities are hesitant to convert, as time frame seems long enough. We do sincerely hope, that more RFs will decide to convert into ATOs soon in order to avoid problems converting at the very last minute.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Registered Facility AC Lützellinden bekommt Untertützung zu ATO-Konversion…

Der hessische Aeroclub Lützellinden, eine Registered Facility (RF) erhält Untertützung durch FTD Consulting bei der Umwandlung ihrer RF in eine ATO. Hier stellt FTDC  PART-ORA Documentation zur Verfügung welche die bereits exisiterenden Ausbildungshandbücher komplettiert. FTDC hat ebenfalls die Ausbildungshandbücher der RF überprüft und entsprechende Korrekturvorschläge gegeben. Die Dokumente befinden sich derzeit zur Prüfung beim RP Kassel.

ByAlexander Schaffler

Registered Facility AC Lützellinden receives support for ATO conversion…

The Aeroclub Lützellinden, a german based Registered Facility (RF) has asked FTD Consulting to support the RF-ATO conversion by providing PART-ORA documentation supplementing their already existent training manuals. FTDC has also reviewed the training manuals and has interfaced the 2 sets of documentation which are now being examined by the RP Kassel, Hesse, Germany.

ByAlexander Schaffler

AeroStar Training Services beauftragt FTD Consulting…

AeroStar Training Services LLC beauftragt FTD Consulting zur Erstellung der EASA Dokumentation für Type Training auf A320 und B737. FTDC hat eine Vielzahl von Ausbildungsunternehmen durch den EASA Zulassungsprozess begleitet. AST ist das zweite Ausbildungsunternehmen außerhalb der EASA Mitgliedsstaaten.

ByAlexander Schaffler

AeroStar Training Services hires FTDC to provide EASA Documentation…

AeroStar Training Services LLC hires FTD Consulting to provide EASA documentation for their Type Training on A320 and B737. As FTDC has guided several training Organisations through the EASA approval process in Europe, AST is the second organisation which is supported outside the EASA member states. AST is a type training provider conducting training on FSTD only.

ByAlexander Schaffler

CB IR & En-Route IFR (EIR) Fernlehrgang & Ausbildungshandbuch ….

CB IR & En-Route IFR (EIR) Fernlehrgang & Ausbildungshandbuch ….

FTD Consulting und Geschäftspartner InfoWerk stellen ein neues Produkt vor: Fernlehrgang und Ausbildungshandbücher für die Lehrgänge En-Route IFR (EIR) & Competency Based IFR (CB IR).

FTD Consulting veröffentlicht Ausbildungshandbücher für die neuen Ausbildungsgänge En-Route IFR (EIR) & Competency Based IFR (CB IR) gemäß Teil.FCL der Verordnung 245/2014 der Kommission, ein Amendment der Verordnung 1178/2011. Neben den Ausbildungshandbüchern stellt FTDC mit Hilfe des Geschäftspartners InfoWerk GmbH web-basierte Lösungen zur Verfügung.

Der CB IR & En-Route IFR (EIR) Fernlehrgang folgt den Richtlinien des Ausbildungshanbuchs und umfasst 11 Ausbildungsmodule.

Jedes Ausbildungsmodul inkludiert Web Based Training, Fragen zur Selbsteinschätzung und Fortschrittsüberprüfungen am Ende eines jeden Moduls.
Das CB IR/EIR Ausbildungspaket inkludiert ferner, Textbücher und eine Fragendatenbank um theoretische Prüfungen durchzuführen..

Die Phase des Lehrgangs erfordert 72 Stunden Fernunterricht, gefolgt von 8 Stunden Präsenzunterricht in Ihrer ATO.
Bei einer geplanten Ausbildungsdauer von 2 Modulen pro Woche mit einer Dauer von 15 Stunden Studienzeit, kann der Fernlehrgang innerhalb von 5 Wochen abgeschlossen werden.

Der Fernlehrgang folgt den Anforderungen nach AMC1 ORA.ATO.300 und beinhaltet:

  • Eine Planungsrichtlinie hinsichtlich der Ausbildungszeiten pro Woche einschliesslich den Lehrinhalten;
  • Einen Vorschlag hinsichtlich der Ausbildungsstruktur (Abfolge, Fortschrittsüberprüfungen, Tests zur Selbsteinschätzung);
  • Möglichkeiten zur Kommunikation zwischen Schüler und Teletrainer/ Ausbilder;
  • Umfangreiche Dokumentationsmöglichkeiten des Lernprozesses und der Überprüfungen; und
  • Die Möglichkeit den Fortschritt des Schülers jederzeit zu überprüfen.

Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

ByAlexander Schaffler

CB IR & En-Route IFR (EIR) Distance Training Course & Manual available….

FTD Consulting and partner company InfoWerk would like to introduce a new distance learning package…

CB IR & EIR Distance Training & Training Manuals

Training Course acc. to Commission Regulation 245/2014

The CB IR & En-Route IFR (EIR) Distance Training follows the guidelines of the Training Manual and comprises 11 Training Modules.
Each Training Module includes animated Web Based Training, Self assessment questions as well as a progress Test at the end of each module.
The CB IR/EIR Training package includes the Web Based Training, colored testbooks and a question bank to prepare for the theoretical knowledge test.

The distance training phase will require 72 hours of distance training, followed by 8 hours of classroom training at your ATO.
At a planned training pace of 2 Modules per week, about 15 hours of studie time, the distance training can be finished within 5 weeks.

The distance training follows the requirements of AMC1 ORA.ATO.300 and includes:

  • a planning guideline including training hours per week together with the content to be studied;
  • the recommended course structure including the order of teaching; planned, progress as well as self assessment tests;
  • possibilites of communication between students and Teletrainer;
  • the full documentation of the learning progress and checking; and
  • the possibilities to monitor the students learning progress at any time.

For more details and pricing information for Manuals and Web based Training Solutions, please contact us.

ByAlexander Schaffler

ATO-Handbücher: FTD Consulting erhält Auftrag von Piper Deutschland…

Die FTD Consulting wurde beauftragt Piper Deutschland in der Überführung von JAR FTO zu EASA ATO gemäß Teil-FCL/-ORA der Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1178/2011 der Kommission zu unterstützen. Die FTDC übernimmt hierbei die Überarbeitung der Ausbildungs-handbücher der derzeit genehmigten Lehrgänge.