ATO Compliance for Cockpit4U…

ByAlexander Schaffler

ATO Compliance for Cockpit4U…

Cockpit4U has selected FTD Consulting to support their EASA ATO Operator Certification Status for according to EC regulation 1178/2012 as amended. Fields of support are general consulting and Operations Manual Documentation Updates. As the demands under EASA and by national CAAs is growing constant changes and updates are necessary. In this case FTDC supported C4U with Updating the Operations Manuals according to the latest standards.

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Alexander Schaffler

Mr Alexander Schaffler started his aviation related career in 2007 with Diamond Aircraft Industries, where he was first taking over the FSTD production line, delivery, installation and qualification process as a Project Manager of the Business Unit Simulation. He left the company as Director Marketing and Sales and launched his own consulting company for professional flight simulation in 2010 (FTD Consulting) which later cofounded the platform Flight Simulator Trader in 2013, trading independently new and used FSTDs accompanied by sophisticated services. To this date FST has sold over 75 Simulators and taken on manifold consulting assignments for simulation organisations as well as regulatory approvals of aviation organizations (AOC, ATO, FSTD, CAMO, etc.) by introducing solutions to about 140 aviation organisations.