Landing a professional A320 Level D Simulator…

ByAlexander Schaffler

Landing a professional A320 Level D Simulator…

FTD Consulting was invited to try out a professional Level D Flightsimulator with motion platform during a flight training device installation in Switzerland. Motionplatforms are only representative concering motion cues, but they have a tremendous impact on the  handling and impressions during training. The sensation with active motion is influenced by both the eyes and the equilibrium organs in our ears with 50 % each.  Many professional pilots tend to disconnect motion platforms during training as they say it is not the “real-deal” .

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Alexander Schaffler

Alexander Schaffler has started his career in Aviation back in 2007 and has since then gathered a strong background in professional Flight Simulation (FSTDs). Opening his own Consultancy FTD Consulting in 2010, he is a well networked expert offering services focused on Flight Simulation, Approved Training Organisations and Air Operator Certificate Holders. Since 2013 the plattform Flight Simulator Trader specialises in trading Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) and providing sophisticated services. He is a founding member of "The European Aviation Consultants" formerly know as "EASA Consultants".